T-Force 2 Electric Boogaloo is a group founded and lead by Taine da Bringah of Paine.


Somewhere in space at a time Taine was walking through space with Ya Mumma they then stumbled upon the ship of the T-Force everyone on board was dead. Taine saw the dead body of Tompon and eat him because he is stupid then he turned into Taine da Bringah of Paine the most powerful tampon eater in the Tomgalaxy. Taine teamed up with the son of Colonel Sanders and Ya Mumma and got members to become the most feared force in da galaxy.

Prominent MembersEdit

  • Taine da Bringah of Paine - Super buff and strong and wicked
  • Colonel Sanders Jr. - Has the power of fried chicken
  • Ya Mumma - Has the power to give birth to worthless babies to throw
  • Sebastian - A furry with the power to be a worthless space of human life
  • Master Memer - Has the power to be so unfunny it kills people not related to Cfp who is cool
  • Jakke da Flame - Has the power to set himself on fire
  • Master Space Burrito Man - Has the power of smelly farts and to throw burritos he is also a sentient burrito


  • T stands for Tampon