These are the planets on this wiki. Note that they are alphabetized.



Earth: Home of the humans, in the Milky Way Galaxy.


Jupiter: Home of the crab-people, in the Milky Way Galaxy.



Mars: Home of the Mars Rover robots and Martians, in the Milky Way Galaxy. 

Matzu: Named after the god of the crab-people.Home to red-skinned dwarves. Has an arctic terrain. 

Mercury: Home to the gorilla-people, in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Neptune: Home to the Frozen Elves, in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Odin: Named after the Norse king god, home to all species, has a forest-like terrain.

Rigel V

Saturn: Home of the purple people, in the Milky Way Galaxy.

Sputnik: Named after the famous spacecraft, home to the lobster-people. 


Tezcatlipoca: Named after the Aztec god of the night, home to crab and lobster people, has a desert-like terrain. 

Venus: Home of the plant-people, in the Milky Way Galaxy.


Yahweh: Named after the Christian God, home to the Yoda Species, has a beach-like terrain.