The Intergalactic Peace Organization (IPO) was founded in the year 2856. They are a council of representatives from all planets looking to promote peace, but will use military force if necessary. Women are allowed on the council. 

A meeting of the council


For years, the planets of the universe attempted to find ways to promote peace. Then, Jupiter founded the IPO. The IPO recruited hundreds of planets from across the universe to solve intergalactuic issues. They have a military organization made up of the most trained and disciplined soldiers in the universe. They defend the universe, fight terrorism and write the treaties for the end of wars. 



The military of the IPO is made of top soldiers in the universe. They also don't have one particular uniform so they can sneak past enemy lines. That is also a weakness as there is a small chance of infiltration. Soldiers are skilled in espionage, sharpshooting and explosive.